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Strengthen your dental treatment with dental bonding agents

Transform your treatments with our top-tier dental bonding agents at Erskine Dental. We are proud to offer the finest in dental bonding technology, empowering you to perform every restoration or cosmetic procedure with finesse.

Advanced bonding solutions for every need

Our commitment to dental excellence manifests in our high quality and wide range of dentine bonding agents. Designed for everything from complex restorations to simple cosmetic enhancements, standout products like OptiBond™ and Futurabond anchor our collection. We offer solutions that combine flexibility with the crucial strength needed for dental work that’s both durable and lasting.

OptiBond™ effortlessly caters to a variety of applications and is known for its exceptional strength and versatility. Available as OptiBond™ Universal Refills & Kits, OptiBond™ FL, OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal and OptiBond™ Solo Plus, these dental bonding agents offer efficient and high-quality performance.

For unmatched convenience and consistency with every application, consider Futurabond U - 200 x single doses for their packaging. They are perfectly suited to the fast-paced environment of modern dental practices. Their single-dose packaging offers efficient handling, making it a professional favourite.

Shop bonding agents at Erskine Dental

Choose Erskine Dental for our dental bonding agents and experience the difference that quality items can make in your practice. We aim to help dental professionals achieve peak treatment success, patient care, and procedural efficiency.

Explore Erskine Dental to stock up on our bonding agents and bonding agent primers. Raise your dental care standards with products professionals trust — buy OptiBond™ Universal Refills & Kits and more.

Feel free to explore our resources for expert insights and take advantage of our super special deals. We also urge you to browse our selection of Piksters® Dental products for advanced dental solutions. For any questions or to receive personalised support, get in touch with us.


What are dental bonding agents?

Dental bonding agents are specialised adhesives used in dentistry to securely attach composite resins and other materials to the tooth structure during restorative procedures. These include fillings, veneers and crowns. Dentine bonding agents enhance the adhesion between the tooth's surface and the restorative material, ensuring the durability and longevity of the treatment.

What are the different types of dental bonding agents?

There are several types of dental bonding agents categorised based on their adhesive mechanism. The main types include:

  • Total-etch: These require the separate application of etchant, primer and adhesive. Products like the OptiBond™ Solo™ Plus - Refills & Kits offer a high degree of bond strength but require a more technique-sensitive procedure.
  • Self-etch: These combine the etching and priming steps, simplifying the procedure. They are less technique-sensitive and reduce the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
  • Universal dental bonding agents: Products like the Futurabond U - 200 x single doses can be used with either a total-etch or self-etch approach, offering versatility and ease of use for various dental procedures.

Are your bonding agents suitable for all types of dental procedures?

Yes, our dental bonding agents and primers are versatile and suitable for a wide variety of dental procedures, from restorative work to cosmetic enhancements. Their superior formulation ensures adaptability and performance in diverse dental treatments.

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