Applicator Brushes

Practise precise dentistry with dental applicator brushes

Refine your dental practice with dental applicator brushes, designed to redefine precision and efficiency in patient care. Featuring finely-tuned bristles for accurate application and ergonomically designed handles for ease of use, these brushes make routine treatments not just simpler but smarter.

Ensure every application of materials is exact, with no waste. Buy dental applicator brushes at Erskine Dental to consistently deliver top-tier care to your patients.

Designed for comfort and efficiency

Our commitment shines through in the quality of our dental tools, with our micro applicator brushes leading the pack. These brushes excel in navigating the mouth’s hard-to-reach areas, offering versatility for a wide range of tasks.

From applying sealants that guard against cavities to precise placement of bonding agents for repairs, they handle it all. Dental applicator brushes are also perfect for preparing surfaces with etchants, calming sensitive teeth with desensitising agents, or accurately applying conditioning gels on enamel or dentin.

The design of dental applicator brushes truly sets them apart. Thanks to their flexible necks and easy-to-hold grips, dentists can achieve pinpoint accuracy, enhancing treatment effectiveness while ensuring patient comfort.

Focusing on cosmetic improvements or the meticulous needs of paediatric dentistry becomes smoother and more precise. Invest in dental applicator brushes and streamline treatments for success and patient satisfaction.

Shop dental applicator brushes in bulk at Erskine Dental

Elevate your dental care services by stocking up on essential tools from Erskine Dental. Browse our selection of key products like the Micro Applicator Brushes Bendable (100 pack) for those precise applications.

In addition, we stock a whole range of Microbrush Applicator Brushes in various sizes and colours, including the Microbrush Tube Series featuring non-absorbent fibre tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures.

We also supply the convenient Application Brush Dispenser for effortless organisation and accessibility. Shop dental applicator brushes with us today and equip your practice with the tools it needs to excel.

Contact us at Erskine Dental now for pricing and bulk orders. For more, explore our site for essential resources, super specials and our Piksters® Dental product line.


What is a micro applicator brush used for in dentistry?

A micro applicator brush is a specialised dental tool for the precise application of materials during various dental procedures. Its small, flexible tip allows for accurate placement of substances such as sealants, etchants, bonding agents, desensitising agents and conditioning gels directly onto the tooth surface. This precision is crucial in treatments that require targeted application to small areas.

Do I need an application brush dispenser?

An application brush dispenser is not a necessity, but it is a highly recommended accessory for any dental practice. Dispensers provide easy access to applicator brushes, keep them organised and help maintain a sterile environment by minimising direct contact and potential contamination.

Do you offer different types of dental applicator brushes?

Yes, we offer a wide range of dental applicator brushes to meet the diverse needs and preferences in dental care. Our selection spans brushes of various sizes and designs, including both bendable and pre-bent options.

The bendable brushes, like the Micro Applicator Brushes Bendable (100 pack) from Microbrush, offer flexibility and precision for intricate tasks requiring detailed control. Each brush type is crafted for particular applications, from general usage to more specialised tasks, ensuring dental professionals can find the ideal brush for any procedure.

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