Impression Materials

Capture every detail with dental impression materials

Elevate your dental impressions' accuracy with dental impression materials, with precision and reliability that doesn’t miss any details. We offer a variety of formulations for various procedures, from routine check-ups to complex restorative treatments. Discover impression materials in dentistry that deliver ease of use, exceptional detail reproduction and patient comfort — shop at Erskine Dental.

Tailored for accuracy and patient comfort

Explore our dental impression materials, including the Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) Take 1™ Advanced™, known for its superior performance attributes. This VPS material stands out with exceptional tear strength and hydrophilic properties, ensuring detailed impressions free of voids. Its remarkable dimensional stability also guarantees enduring accuracy.

Alongside Take 1™ Advanced™, we offer Monet 2 Automix Medium/Heavy Body Cartridges for robust impressions and Monet 2 Light Body Cartridges, ideal for capturing precise preliminary moulds.

Our lineup of dental impression materials includes rapid-setting options for patient convenience, stable materials for long-term accuracy and products designed for excellent elastic recovery to prevent tearing upon removal. Each one captures the essential fine details for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Whether creating moulds for crowns, bridges, dentures or orthodontic appliances, our offerings serve the diverse needs of modern practices.

Shop dental impression materials at Erskine Dental

Equip your practice with the finest dental solutions from Erskine Dental. Buy dental impression materials today and enhance the quality of your dental care services.

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What material is used for dental impressions?

A variety of materials are used for dental impressions, including silicone-based materials for their flexibility and accuracy, alginate materials for preliminary impressions and specialised VPS formulations like Take 1™ Advanced™, which offers unique features for enhanced performance.

What is the most stable dental impression material?

VPS impression materials are renowned for their exceptional dimensional stability, making them among the most stable options available for dental impressions. This stability ensures that impressions remain accurate over time, free from distortion due to dimensional changes or temporary deformation.

What is the most widely used dental impression material?

Alginate materials are among the most widely used for dental impressions, valued for their ease of use and suitability for a variety of applications, including preliminary impressions. However, silicone-based dental impression materials, including VPS like Take 1™ Advanced™, are also popular choices for their enhanced precision and performance. They have excellent dimensional stability that resists distortion, leading to better treatment outcomes.

What is the difference between a light and a heavy body cartridge?

The primary difference between light and heavy body cartridges lies in their viscosity and intended use during the impression process. Light body cartridges, such as the Monet 2 Light Body Cartridges, have a lower viscosity. This makes them ideal dental impression materials that flow into narrow spaces and capture fine details. They're often used for the wash or final impression in two-step impression techniques.

On the other hand, heavy body cartridges, exemplified by Monet 2 Automix Medium/Heavy Body Cartridges, have a higher viscosity and are used to create the tray portion of the impression. Their thicker consistency strongly supports the lighter, more detailed wash material.

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