Oral Care Kits

Equip your practice with superior oral care kits

Providing top quality dental care to your patients means having access to the best oral care products available. At Erskine Dental, we offer a comprehensive range of oral care kits to support dental professionals like you in enhancing patient oral health. Explore and purchase our oral care and dental cleaning kits today to provide the personalised care that your patients deserve.

Explore our selection of oral care kits for sale

Oral care kits address various dental conditions and promote consistent oral hygiene practices for your patients. We categorise our kits to cater to specific dental health challenges and demographic needs so you can give each patient precise and individualised care. Here are the tailored options available in our diverse collection:

Comprehensive daily oral hygiene kits

Ideal for comprehensive everyday care, oral care kits help patients maintain optimal oral health between visits. Each kit includes our high-quality adult toothbrushes and toothpaste for effective cleaning and enamel protection. We also add advanced floss, flossers and toothpicks to remove plaque and food particles from tight spaces, promoting gum health and preventing decay.

Mini Monster oral care kits for Kids

Mini Monsters oral care kits are fun and educational and encourage good oral hygiene habits from an early age. These kits include toothbrushes that fit small hands and mouths, kid-friendly toothpaste, kids flossers and a timer to encourage good brushing habits.

Piksters Ortho oral care kits

Piksters Ortho oral care kits are crucial for patients engaged in sports or using orthodontic appliances. They feature high-quality mouthguards and cleaning solutions to keep appliances in excellent condition and prevent bacterial buildup.

Shop oral care kits at Erskine Dental

Enhance the level of care you offer your patients with our exceptional range of oral care kits at Erskine Dental. These kits equip your practice with everything needed to deliver comprehensive oral health care tailored to each patient's needs. Buy our oral care kits today and benefit from our competitive pricing for bulk orders.


If you require guidance or wish to learn more about our products, our dedicated customer support team is eager to assist you. Reach out to us directly or explore our website for detailed information on our full product range.


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