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Improve hygiene standards with disinfecting wipes and towels

Enhance your practice’s hygiene protocols with wipes and towels for sale at Erskine Dental. From mini wipes to hospital-grade towelettes, we offer a range of disposable disinfecting wipes for keeping an impeccable environment in your dental clinic. These products are specifically designed for delicate surfaces and are streamlined for easy use, allowing you to focus more on patient care and less on cleanup tasks.



Discover the right options — buy wipes and towelettes at Erskine Dental.

Superior cleaning solutions for every dental setting

As professionals, we understand the necessity of maintaining clean and safe environments. That’s why we offer a range of wipes and towels that promote cleanliness in every corner of your practice. Let us support your commitment to patient health and safety.

Our products include convenient mini wipes and specially formulated wipes effective against a wide range of pathogens. Protect yourself and your patients from common bacteria to more resilient viruses with hospital-grade wipes and towels that offer stronger disinfection.

Our disinfectant wipes and towels are ideal for high-risk areas and surfaces that come into frequent contact with staff and patients. Our selection also features neutral pH, non-corrosive detergent wipes that deliver a potent cleaning action without the harshness of traditional chemicals.

We supply Kerr Caviwipes, which are ready-to-use cleaning and disinfectant wipes for effective removal of dirt and quick and broad spectrum disinfection.

In addition, we supply Clinicare Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Decontaminant Cleaner, which decontaminates and disinfects surfaces within the dental environment.

Ensure that every surface, from the waiting room furniture to the dental operatory, remains not just visibly clean but sanitised to medical standards. We carefully select every product in our lineup to meet stringent industry standards for disinfection.

At Erskine Dental, we aim to deliver only the most reliable and effective cleaning solutions for dental clinics. Incorporate our wipes and towels into your daily routines to enhance the hygiene and efficiency of your practice. With the products we carry, you can maintain a clean environment simpler and faster, all while delivering excellent dental care.

Shop wipes for your dental office at Erskine Dental

Choose Erskine Dental for your practice’s hygiene needs and benefit from our high-quality, dependable mini disinfectant wipes and moist towelettes. These products feature advanced formulations, going beyond a quick swab and offering gentle surface care to heavy-duty cleaning. We offer disinfecting wipes in convenient 180-piece packs, providing you with ample supply for your daily operations without frequent reordering.

We provide bulk pricing options to help you manage costs effectively while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. Log into our website to learn more about our prices — or reach out to us directly. Buy wipes and towels at Erskine Dental today and impress your patients with your hygiene practices.

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