Sculpt and shape precisely with dental burs

Maximise your dental practice’s capability with Erskine Dental’s range of dental burs, specifically designed for precision shaping and detailed sculpting. Our selection features carbide burs for efficient hard tissue removal, diamond burs for exact contouring and fine polishing and innovative ceramic tissue trimmers for sensitive soft tissue procedures.


Buy dental burs at Erskine Dental and refine every restoration with exceptional precision and care.

Enhanced detailing for restorative dentistry

Erskine Dental’s carbide and diamond burs are essential for dentists focused on restorative and cosmetic precision. Carbide burs cut through hard dental tissues with ease, providing a durable solution for shaping fillings and preparing cavities. 

Diamond burs, known for their fine granularity, allow for meticulous surface preparation and finishing touches that are critical for crowns and veneers. These tools are instrumental in achieving the precision necessary for fittings that align perfectly with the patient’s natural bite and aesthetics.

For accessories, we have ceramic tissue trimmers for gum contouring and other soft tissue adjustments. Perform delicate modifications without trauma to preserve healthy tissue, promote quicker healing and deliver aesthetically pleasing results.

Shop dental burs at Erskine Dental

With Erskine Dental’s dental burs, enhance the specificity and efficiency of each dental procedure. Whether you're removing decay, reshaping a tooth for a crown or adjusting soft tissues, our tools provide superior control and accuracy. Improve the quality of dental work and optimise your operational time.

Equip your practice with our specialised dental burs to complete every restoration with the highest level of craftsmanship. The right dental bur can significantly impact the effectiveness of your treatments. Watch as each patient leaves with a smile crafted to the highest standards of dental health and aesthetics.

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What is the purpose of dental burs?

In dentistry, a bur is a rotary tool used in a handpiece. It helps in cutting hard tissues such as tooth enamel and bone. Carbide burs are typically used for removing decay, preparing cavities and shaping bone and hard tissues. Diamond burs are ideal for fine contouring, polishing tooth surfaces and adjusting crowns and veneers due to their abrasive surfaces.

What do the colours on dental burs mean?

The colours on dental burs typically indicate the grit size of the bur, which affects its cutting ability. Generally, black or blue indicates a coarse grit suitable for rapid material removal.

Green signifies a medium grit for less aggressive cutting, and red denotes a fine grit used for finishing and polishing. Understanding these colours helps dental professionals choose the right bur for specific tasks.

What dental burs are needed for crown cutting?

Specific dental burs efficiently cut through porcelain, metal or zirconia used in crown fabrication. Diamond burs are commonly used for this purpose because of their hardness and precision.

Coarse-grit diamond burs are ideal for quickly cutting through the crown material, while fine-grit burs are used for finishing touches and smoothing the edges. Using the correct bur for crown cutting is crucial to achieving a precise fit and optimal results.

How many uses does each dental bur have, and can they be reused?

The lifespan of a dental bur varies based on its material, usage and maintenance. Carbide and diamond burs can be reused if properly cleaned, sterilised and stored.

Typically, carbide burs can sustain multiple uses, while diamond burs may wear down quicker due to the degradation of the diamond particles. Always inspect burs for wear or damage before reuse, and replace them if they show signs of deterioration to ensure safe and effective dental treatment.

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