Dental Cleaning Products

Stock up on dental cleaning products for your clinic

Boost your clinic's cleanliness with Erskine Dental's specialised range of cleaning products. From hospital-grade disinfectants to gentle detergents, our solutions keep your dental practice safe and immaculate. Take advantage of our bulk purchasing options when you buy our dental cleaning products. Improve the quality of care you deliver with a hygienic clinic.

Discover the dental cleaning products you need from our range

Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness with the right dental cleaning products for your clinic. These solutions effectively remove dirt, bacteria and viruses from all clinic surfaces — from treatment chairs to reception areas — to keep them free from harmful pathogens. Dental cleaning products are crucial in settings where cross-contamination risks are high.


Beyond just cleaning, our range of dental cleaning products also help to extend the lifespan of your clinic's furnishings and equipment by preventing the buildup of grime and reducing wear and tear. Instil confidence and peace of mind in your patients about their safety during visits. Explore our range to find the cleaning solutions that will uphold the hygiene and integrity of your dental practice:

Neutral detergent

For everyday cleaning needs, our range of neutral detergents are ideally suited for maintaining a spotless environment across a wide range of surfaces in your dental clinic. These gentle yet effective detergents safely clean dental chairs, countertops, reception desks, waiting room furniture and even delicate equipment without causing damage. 

Hospital grade disinfectant

Increase your clinic’s sanitation with hospital-grade disinfectant. This powerful dental cleaning product effectively eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria. It is ideal for disinfecting treatment areas, dental tools and high-contact surfaces such as door handles, light switches and reception desks. 

Detergent dispenser spray bottles

Maximise the efficiency of your cleaning routines with detergent dispenser spray bottles. Dispense dental cleaning products such as detergents with precision and control. The ergonomic design of the bottle makes it easy to handle, and ideal for regular cleaning tasks around the clinic.

Hospital-grade disinfectant towelettes

For quick clean-up and spot disinfection, we have hospital-grade disinfectant towelettes. These pre-moistened towelettes deliver powerful sterilisation capabilities to quickly wipe down surfaces between patient visits. 


Use them on everything from dental chairs and examination tables to door handles and equipment consoles. Their convenience delivers a consistently germ-free environment, providing peace of mind and enhancing infection control practices in your clinic. 

Cleaning tabs

Cleaning tabs are the ideal dental cleaning product for maintaining hygienic dental instruments and equipment. These tabs dissolve quickly to create a powerful cleaning solution that removes debris and disinfects, ensuring your tools are ready for the next procedure.

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Level up your dental practice's cleaning regimen with Erskine Dental. Our top-tier dental cleaning products help maintain a safe, hygienic and welcoming environment for everyone, from your staff to your patients. 


For assistance or to learn more about our clinical supplies, our customer support team is here to help — get in touch with us. Take advantage of unique resources and enjoy exclusive promotions designed for our customers. Additionally, we invite you to explore Piksters® Dental products for your modern practice.

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