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Crafting smiles with precision — explore dental composites at Erskine Dental

Take your dental practice to the next level with Erskine Dental composite product range. Designed for today's dental professionals, our top-tier composites blend unbeatable quality with stunning aesthetics, ensuring every restoration meets both your standards and your patient's expectations.

Embrace innovation with materials that offer longevity, ease of application and the kind of patient outcomes that speak volumes. Dive into our collection of dental composites online and redefine what's possible in restorative dentistry.

Expansive selection of dental composite solutions

At Erskine Dental, we're thrilled to showcase our extensive lineup of composite materials, carefully crafted to meet the wide-ranging requirements of restorative dentistry.

Our brands include Kerr, VOCO and Cosmedent. Including 
- Kerr Simplishade™ to streamline your restoration workflow and inventory management.

Kerr- Harmonize- universal composite with adaptive response technology
GrandioSO from VOCO- universal nano-hybrid restoration for reliable restorations.

Whether it's straightforward applications you're after or sophisticated solutions for complex dental issues, our collection is designed to ensure every dental practice can find just the right dental composite product. We're all about providing options that not only meet the mark but go above and beyond, making sure professionals and patients alike are more than satisfied with the outcomes.

Superior dental composite materials

Our passion for top-notch dental solutions shines through in the exceptional quality of our dental composites. Crafted for both strength and beauty, these materials are the foundation for restorations you can count on — restorations that stand the test of time and keep smiles looking great. For example our Cosmedent Renamel Microfill has an amazing self polishing capability which retains its luster for years and years. Dr Erskine-Smith has many of these patients with microfill Class V’s lasting decades. Kerr Hybrid Composites combine the best of both worlds providing polishability and strength. Once again, these composites can last several decades if well bonded.

At Erskine Dental, we provide dentists with dental composites that excel in performance and durability, striving to ensure that every restoration remains as perfect as the day it was placed.

Aesthetic outcomes that delight patients

In our approach to restorative dentistry, we prioritise not just health but also the aesthetic appeal of every smile. We have a range of dental composites to harmonise with the natural appearance of teeth. For example Cosmedent Renamel has a much higher opacity than many composites and is perfect for Classes V and III restorations to avoid grey shine through. It is an excellent all round universal that doesn't require multiple layers. Kerr SimpliShade also simplifies restorations to avoid complex colour selections and multiple layers of various opacities. For the dental artist however, control of opacity is critical and Harmonize with 8 shades of dentin, 17 shades of enamel, and 5 shades of incisors. Insert text from pg 101 of Kerr Catalogue.

Optimising dental workflows

At Erskine Dental, we go beyond just offering quality materials — we're also about enhancing the time efficiency of dental professionals. Our dental composites for sale make the restoration process smoother, faster, and more predictable avoiding redo’s and offering significant time savings.

Discover the Erskine Dental difference with premium dental composites

Buy dental composites at Erskine Dental and experience the difference in quality, performance and satisfaction in your dental practice. We offer dental composite products that exceed the expectations of dental professionals and patients alike.

From innovative preheating devices to advanced filler particle composites, our selection has it all. Explore our range of dental composites online and transform your restorative dentistry services with Erskine Dental products. Call us to enquire about dental composites for your practice.

For additional details on our products, including items currently on sale, professional resources and our restorative product range, we encourage you to explore our professionals only website the home of Erskine Dental. For all your consumer and Pikster related products go to