Curvie Gentle Toothbrush

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The new Curvie Gentle toothbrush features a Taper Tip Bristle* - super tapered and soft.

  • Highly tapered bristles can reach below the gumline & between teeth - proven to reduce gingivitis.*
  • Less gingival abrasion, less recession and less exposure of sensitive root structure.
  • Featuring rubbery contour grips for good tackiness - allows excellent control and extra comfort.
  • More comfortable to grip than a solid straight brush handle.
  • Comes with a dentist preferred small head size for better access to all areas.
  • With a compact head size, it can reach into tight areas of the mouth.
  • Proven superior cleaning under the gum edges.**
    4 colours      Minimum order 80 brushes     20 of each colour

"When I used the Curvie toothbrush for the first time I realised how well it was designed. There is so much engineering in a simple device. The handle is thick and curved, so it provides good grip and the correct angle to brush the back teeth. It sits comfortably in the hand and gives good leverage. That makes the process of tooth brushing effortless and efficient! Thanks for making the best toothbrush I have ever used." Tatiana Kliueva

*Taper Tip Bristle: This type of bristle was proven (p<0.05) to cause 74% less abrasion on gum tissues. (Gallob at J Clin Dent 2016;27:48–53). Also proven superior subgingival cleaning. Journal Clin. Dentistry 8:156-158, 1997.

** Proven superior cleaning under the gum edges. (Journal of Clinical Dentistry 8:156-158, 1997).

Width: 3.40 (cm)
Height: 23.00 (cm)
Depth: 1.20 (cm)

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